Wavin Plastics Launches New High Capacity Rainwater System

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OSMA StormLine from Wavin Plastics, is an easy to install, high capacity ogee system, providing the definitive solution to increasing rainfall intensity and modern building types.

OSMA StormLine has an attractive classic ogee profile with a high front edge which has been designed to ensure the safe capture of high volumes of roof run-off under storm conditions. Even under extreme conditions, with unusually high run-off rates, the OSMA StormLine edge profile and internal ribs will quickly bring rainwater under control and guide it efficiently to the outlet.

The high fronted gutter profile conceals the edge of the roof tiles and gutter hanging brackets resulting in clean, attractive lines around the roof perimeter. The upper edge shape also incorporates an inner rail for easy, concealed fixing of support brackets without impeding flow. Internal ribs help improve the flow of water to the outlet, preventing leaves sticking to the gutter base and reducing the risk of blockages.

All OSMA StormLine fittings have side wings which incorporate unique retainers for first-fix screws, allowing rise and fall adjustment to ensure perfect line and position. Back fixing holes, which have been angled for easy screwdriver accessibility, provide a useful alternative fixing option.

OSMA StormLine outlets connect directly to existing OSMA 61mm square or 68mm round downpipe systems without the need for additional adaptors. For taller buildings which require longer and heavier downpipes, a restraint on the running/stopend outlet spigot ensures a more secure pipe fitting and reduces the need for maintenance callbacks.

“Traditional gutters are increasingly coming under pressure on a number of fronts, ranging from changing rainfall patterns, through to climate change and new building practices,” commented Denise O’Leary, Wavin Plastics. “Indeed, the challenge of managing volumes of rain and stormwater run-off safely and efficiently has never been so great. In light of this, we are now seeing a marked increase in the demand for high capacity gutter systems. Wavin Plastics is always anticipating such challenges and working hard to find innovative new solutions. With the introduction of OSMA StormLine, there is now a definitive roof drainage solution to meet these challenges and more.”

For roof areas up to 254m2 with one downpipe, OSMA StormLine is ideally suited to 3-Storey townhouse, multi-storey apartment blocks, luxury detached houses and conservatories. OSMA StormLine is available now in black, brown and white.

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