Transforming Your Home With Faux Wood, Brick and Stone Products

Renew Old Features with Faux Beams and Panels
Add Texture and Character to Walls and Ceilings


Soon everyone will be bringing out the seasonal and holiday decorations to hang on the wall and display on the mantel. But there's still time to transform that wall or mantel into a thing of beauty in its own right. Versatile faux wood, brick and stone products provide the perfect backdrop for creative interior design.

Modern imitation beams and panels are molded from actual wood, bricks and stones in intricate detail for striking realism. Made of high-tech polyurethane foam, they're lightweight, durable, maintenance-free -- and inexpensive.

They're also easy to handle, cut and install. A homeowner or remodeling hobbyist who is handy with a measuring tape and saw can do all the work, using common tools and following simple directions. And homeowners who prefer to hire the work done still benefit from lower material and installation costs.

Here are some ideas for small and medium-sized do-it-yourself projects that can make a big difference in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday celebrations.

Renew Old Features with Faux Beams and Panels

  • To give an old mantel a new look, cover it or replace it with a wood mantel ledge or beam, available in a variety of styles from rough and rustic to smooth and elegant in both faux and real wood.
  • To alter the feel of a fireplace, cover it with faux masonry panels for the look of ledgestone, random rock, stacked stone, cut granite, castle rock, brick -- a design and color tone for every taste.
  • To freshen the whole kitchen, install faux panels as the backsplash material above the countertop. Panels simulate wood, stone, brick and even materials such as diamond plate.

Add Texture and Character to Walls and Ceilings

  • To add texture and a focal point to the whole room, cover one wall with faux wood, brick or masonry panels. Scores of patterns and colors are available.
  • To give a room a distinctive character, from warm country charm to classic elegance, install faux panels as wainscoting on one or more walls.
  • To convert the ceiling from flat whiteness to a design feature, install faux wood beams. Beams can attach to the surface of the ceiling as simple joists, and faux wood panels can fill in between the beams for even more warmth. In a high-ceiling room, faux beams can replicate a complete post-and-beam framing system worthy of a barn or a cathedral.

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