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Top Five Swimming Pool Deck Design Mistakes


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More than just an area that surrounds a pool, pool decks are a multipurpose area where people can entertain, sunbathe, or just relax on a warm afternoon. As such, the proper design of a pool deck is imperative to its functionality.

Oftentimes, the pool deck will become a home's most popular area for entertaining visitors or engaging in family activities. To make the most of this area, here are the five most common mistakes to avoid when designing the perfect deck. These helpful pool deck design tips cover proper size, layout, and functionality.

  • Provide plenty of seating. As non-swimming activities could also be held in the pool or deck area, it is essential that seating is available. Ensure that chairs and tables are available to accommodate the whole family and several house guests. Investing in new outdoor furniture would be helpful in the long-run as it removes the risk of damaging chairs and tables inside the house that are brought out during functions.
  • Properly laid out water spigots. Not only do water spigots ruin the aesthetics of a home, but more importantly, their location is directly related to accessibility and functionality. Ensure that water spigots are placed near the areas where you need them, but far enough from areas of usual activity. It would also be necessary to place water spigots near areas of increased temperature, such as grills.
  • Decide how the deck will be used and consider the pool’s distance from the house. Before designing a pool deck, clarify the expected function of the area and then base the design on this. For example, if the area will be used mainly by children, it might be essential to incorporate a pool that is not too far away from the house.
  • Take full advantage of the sun. Incorporate a design that is useful both in the summer and in the winter. This could be made by creating a pool deck design that has a roofed and unroofed section. Individuals who want to enjoy the outdoors and the sun could immerse well in the pool deck, but they could also stay safe and dry in less fair conditions.
  • Create functional walkways. Walkways around the pool deck could add an aesthetic quality to the area and increase safety. In modern pool deck designs, walkways made of various materials (e.g. wood, stone) are utilized not just in the pool area, but also throughout the deck. Several design options are available to create functional and aesthetically-pleasing walkways.

Consideration of these aspects of pool design is crucial. After mistakes are made and pool decks are put in place, decks can often not be fixed.

This article was updated on 24th February, 2020.

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