GripCote Hi-Tac Water-Based, Eco-Bio Friendly Coating

GripCote Hi-Tac is a water based, eco-bio friendly coating that has been formulated specifically for pre-sized ready-to-assemble flooring. It can be used on a wide variety of materials including carpet tiles, VCT, PVC and simulated wood flooring planks. GripCote Hi-Tac imparts a very tacky feel to the coated object and helps to hold it in place even on very smooth surfaces.

It is an effective time and labor saving alternative to adhesives, tapes and similar products currently in use. In addition to firmly anchoring the floor coverings, GripCote Hi-Tac’s water and oil resistant structure will protect the coated surface from being damaged by liquid spills. GripCote Hi-Tac can be easily applied with brush or roller. It can also be sprayed when applying to large surface areas.

GripCote Hi-Tac will not be affected by most everyday liquids including alcohol, beverages, detergents and cleaners. It acts as a protective moisture and vapor barrier against dampness and fumes that may be released from an unsealed floor.. GripCote Hi-Tac has been enhanced with additives that prevent the growth of mold and mildew. The cured film will not damage the flooring materials it contacts or the surface to which it has been applied.

GripCote Hi-Tac provides excellent slip resistance on almost any type of substrate including concrete or wood floors. Unlike tapes and adhesives it will do no harm or leave residue on expensive wood and stone flooring. GripCote Hi-Tac will not stain or mar the surface it comes in contact with and will not leave a sticky residue on hands, clothing or the floor surface beneath it. GripCote Hi-Tac treated materials can be touched up when necessary by simply applying additional product as needed at the site of the damage or wear. One or more coats of GripCote Hi-Tac may be applied depending on the level of slip resistance desired.

GripCote Hi-Tac provides approximately 450 to 500 square feet of coverage per gallon at approximately 2 mil DFT (dry film thickness) on smooth, hard surfaces. Coated object will be ready for use 4-8 hours after application depending on ambient temperature and humidity. Forced drying can be accomplished via the use of coil heaters, infra red lamps or warm air blowers. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F. Avoid heavy buildup.

GripCote Hi-Tac is a white viscous material that will dry to a crystal clear and a very tacky finish. It is easy to apply using a soft bristle or foam brush or a tight nap roller. The target surface should be free of dirt, debris and oil or grease prior to application. For best results apply two coats, allowing the first coat to partially dry before applying the second coat.

Appropriately mask off areas that need to be kept free of GripCote Hi-Tac. Wipe off overruns, spills and splatters immediately with water. Thoroughly clean hands and tools after use with soap and warm water. Observe all personal precautions as you would with any other paint or coating product.


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