Construction Industry Remains as One of the Major Consumers of Acrylic Products in China, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, analyzes acrylic polymer market trends.

Frbiz reports that acrylic polymers' high aggregate performance is widely used in coatings, plastics, textiles, leather, paper, building materials and packaging materials. In China, acrylic products are mainly used in construction, chemical, packaging and sanitation materials -- these four major areas. In recent years, the acrylic acid market demand has been driven by soaring prices. According to the latest data, the recent market price of the acrylic acid is at its highest, reaching 16,000 yuan / ton.

Frbiz points out that the recent sharp price increase is due mainly to international supply reduction and recovery in domestic demand.

On the supply side, due to the large dependence on imports of acrylic acid, recent international issues such as parking devices have resulted in tighter supply, making the international prices of acrylic acid soar, which in turn leads to Chinese domestic acrylic prices rising.

In domestic demand, Frbiz points out that because of China's rapid economic development, national expansion and domestic demand to stimulate implementation policy, the downstream building, chemical fiber, packaging and sanitation material markets have seen a greater demand for acrylic products. Therefore, the strong domestic demand will push acrylic polymer prices higher.

As an example, the construction industry is a major consumer in China acrylic products market. Acrylic acid 2 - ethylhexyl mainly for the production of adhesives; polypropylenes are mainly used to produce coatings; and acrylic acid for producing building latex products. Because they maintain excellence in performance and are environmentally friendly, they can be used in exterior wall coatings, which are deeply favored by users. This year, China's hosting of the World Expo and the Asian Games has greatly increased the demand for acrylic acid.


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