fiberAmerica Adds New Products to its Green Seal Cellulose Fiber Insulation Family

fiberAmerica, an innovative manufacturer of consistent, high quality and environmentally-friendly cellulose fiber insulation products, today announced the addition of three new products to its Green Seal cellulose fiber insulation line.

Green Seal Loose Fill

In addition to its Loose Fill product, fiberAmerica now offers an All-Borate Loose Fill, All-Borate Wall Spray and a Stabilized insulation product.

"Since opening our doors in the fall of 2009, we continue to expand our product line to meet all the insulation needs of our customers," said David A. Johnson, president for fiberAmerica.  "Our team is committed to delivering products that not only ensure the safety and health of both installers and building inhabitants, but also exceed the standards of excellence required in today's construction industry."

The three new products, manufactured in fiberAmerica's technically-advanced production facility in Allentown, Pa., complement the company's first product, Green Seal Loose Fill.  They are all Class 1, Type A building materials that are best fit for attic, sidewall and ceiling applications.  They offer low-settled densities for better coverage and produce minimal dust during the installation process.  With higher R-values per inch than fiberglass, fiberAmerica's Green Seal products provide more thermal resistance than fiberglass.

Made from recycled newspaper, these environmentally-friendly cellulose fiber insulation products are treated with non-toxic, naturally occurring fire retardant minerals, giving them a Class 1 fire safety rating and providing a better defense against the spread of fire.  The borate minerals added to cellulose insulation have long been recognized as a natural insect and pest repellant.  Additionally, cellulose allows moisture/humidity to dissipate through the material, thereby preventing mold.

Color and number coded for easy identification by installers, the complete Green Seal product line includes:

  • Green Seal Loose Fill – #1- Green Label
  • Green Seal All-Borate Loose Fill – #2- Black Label
  • Green Seal Stabilized – #3- Red Label
  • Green Seal All-Borate Wall Spray – #4- Blue Label


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