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LG Exhibits Advanced HVAC Systems at American Institute of Architects 2010

A leading worldwide air conditioning leader, LG Electronics is showcasing advancements in energy-saving technologies, design flexibility and temperature controls this week at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2010 Convention (booth 367).  Exhibiting for the first time at AIA 2010, LG's goal is to provide architects, building engineers and other commercial space operators with a broader range of cost and energy-efficient climate control solutions that do not sacrifice stylish design or quiet operation.

Since its entry into the U.S. HVAC market in 2004 LG has made it a priority to work hand in hand with architects, engineers and contractors to determine the right product application with the maximum return on investment – from energy efficiency to design and scale. Now, with industry reports signaling an increased focus over the next year on energy management and investment, architects and engineers focusing on green buildings need to work with HVAC manufacturers that have a proven track record of product innovation, quality and energy efficiency.  The built-in Inverter technology on LG's Multi-V models adds enhanced energy efficiency and flexibility in commercial industries, allowing them to enjoy efficient climate controls in a variety of chic interior styles.

"As the industry as a whole continues to look at LEED and green initiatives, it's critical that we as a company demonstrate the ROI on high efficiency climate control solutions in conjunction with the kind of fit, form and function architects and engineers need for today's building demands," noted Kelly Cutchins, Vice President of Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics, USA.  "Our current product innovations, such as the Multi-V and Flex Multi-Split systems, demonstrate enhanced air flow options and industry leading low sound levels to meet these demands for all commercial and home environments."

Efficient Heating and Cooling with Immediate Payback

According to the fourth annual Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI), which tracks energy management priorities, practices and investment plans among decision makers responsible for commercial buildings and their energy use, one of the three largest barriers to capturing potential energy savings is insufficient payback with almost half of all respondents citing that they require a simple payback of three years or less, in order to justify the investment.  LG's Multi-V system combats this issue of insufficient payback with its unique HVAC system which offers commercial buildings and lodging and hospitality environments the unique combination of high energy efficiency with easy temperature controls in a cost-effective solution.

Built around LG's inverter compressors, the Multi-V series delivers one of the highest EER ratings available in the VRF equipment category, along with low sound operation.  Using VRF technology, the Multi-V system provides commercial businesses greater temperature control therefore avoiding unnecessary energy usage in unoccupied rooms.

"LG's commercial HVAC products provide a competitive trifecta of energy efficiency, advanced climate controls and low sound levels," said Christiano Pereira, Principal, LEED AP, Architect, CPA Architecture.  "As an architect, that combination is critical for designing LEED buildings and demonstrating that you don't have to sacrifice design and comfort for advanced climate control technology."

Additionally, industry leading pipe lengths on the Multi-V that connect in-room systems with outdoor fans use serially arranged refrigerant pipes to connect to a single outdoor unit with the option to also connect to others.  This efficient system offers outstanding energy savings with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor units.  LG's outdoor units also incorporate a modular design that can easily be scaled to suit the needs of a particular building, from high-rise buildings, high-end hotels and luxury resort facilities to commercial buildings and condominium projects.

Also on display at AIA 2010 are LG's Duct-Free Flex Multi-Split Quad-Zone Air Conditioning systems.  This series extends LG's broad portfolio of applied commercial air conditioning products into the U.S. market, and features design flexibility and industry-leading energy efficiency.  This system can operate up to four interior units mounted in separate rooms for easy temperature control in each setting, but all connected to one single exterior condensing unit. .

Furthering its commitment to providing energy-efficient technologies in its products, LG also utilizes an advanced Inverter compressor technology.  Some benefits of the Inverter technology are quieter operation, coupled with a reduction in overall energy usage, as compared to conventional air conditioners which must cycle on and off to maintain ideal temperatures.  It also provides advanced dehumidification as the inverter compressor and fan do not need to cycle, therefore leaving additional runtime to remove moisture from the air.

Using Design to Create Artful Air-conditioning

As design, knowledge, vision and leadership continue to shape the face of the architecture industry, so it does to the modern HVAC system – a critical aspect of building infrastructure.  Understanding that consumers want comfort just as much as style, LG's Art Cool Inverter Mirror design-oriented series blends climate control solutions with eye-catching design.  Featuring a slim rectangular wall-mounted interior evaporator with a one-way air flow system, the Inverter Mirror is available in a variety of custom finishes, and can be fit to enhance any room's decor.  LG's ART Cool Picture models combine artful air conditioning and climate control for an all-in-one solution that is stylish as well as functional.  It also provides a three dimensional air flow system with the look and feel of a stylish photo frame.


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