USG Creates New Lightweight Gypsum Wallboard Using SHEETROCK Panels

USG Corporation (NYSE: USG), a leading building products company, announced today it has created a new lightweight category of gypsum wallboard with the introduction of its SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels.

The lightweight gypsum panels are up to 30 percent lighter than the competition, making installation easier and faster.

“Just as USG has led the building industry with its innovative and high-quality products, we are once again revolutionizing the market with the introduction of our SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels,” said Diane Earll, senior director, wallboard product management, USG Building Systems. “USG is redefining the residential drywall marketplace and improving the way homes will be built with the same high-quality that customers expect from SHEETROCK Brand wallboard products.”

SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels combine proprietary formulations and processes with new patented technologies that were invented at USG’s Corporate Innovation Center, located in Libertyville, Ill. The panels utilize colloidal chemistry to feature a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio and improved sag resistance.

The lightweight gypsum panels are up to 30 percent lighter than the competition, making installation easier and faster.

The lightweight panels meet all International Building Code, International Residential Code and ASTM C1396 Specification for Gypsum Board, for both 1/2-inch gypsum wallboard and 1/2-inch gypsum ceiling board. SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels are ideal for use on ceilings with up to 24-inch, on-center framing and water-based texture, presenting potential cost-savings when used as a replacement for 5/8-inch type X board used on ceilings or 1/2-inch interior ceiling board. The panels are available in standard lengths, including 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-foot panels in 48- and 54-inch widths.

USG’s SHEETROCK Brand UltraLight Panels Boost Productivity

SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels help reduce fatigue with its lighter weight, easier and faster installation, and cleaner score and snap—ultimately helping contractors meet project demands. Dealers will also benefit from the lighter weight with less employee fatigue, reduced wear and tear on equipment and the ability to place more product per truck, while realizing an increased operational efficiency and potential energy savings.

According to research conducted by Ducker Research, a third-party market research firm, more than 50 percent of contractors said weight is one of the most important board attributes, while 86 percent of distributors said the number one way to improve wallboard is to make it lighter.

“SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels are the most significant breakthrough in wallboard technology, helping drywall installers increase productivity and leave them feeling less fatigued at the end of each day,” said Chris Baker, wallboard product manager, USG Corporation. “This product helps contractors stay on schedule because they can potentially complete more jobs in the same time compared to using standard wallboard.”

SHEETROCK UltraLight Panels will be available in August at more than 300 retail and specialty dealer locations throughout the North- and Southeast regions.


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