Homeowners Prefer Wood Floors for Artistic Appearance

There is no doubt that solid strip oak floors are still the overwhelming preference for most homeowners in the United States, and the reason is clear.

Wood floors offer the most environmentally friendly flooring option available on the market.  But wood floors are much more than just another green product; they also can be beautiful works of art.

With real wood floors, customization possibilities abound.  Exotic wood species offer more color options than ever before, making flooring an open canvas.  Customization trends go beyond species and color as well.  Hand-scraping, borders, medallions, inlays, and mixed media, including materials like stone, granite, aluminum, brass, and even leather, provide unlimited potential for artistic expression.

Each year, the National Wood Flooring Association holds a contest to recognize innovation and craftsmanship in wood flooring installation and design.

Source: http://www.nwfa.org/

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