Damp Proof Xi Precast Concrete Panels Now Available in Several U.S. Counties

Based on consumer demand for dry, energy-efficient basements, Superior Walls® of East Tennessee has expanded its product coverage availability areas into western Kentucky and central Tennessee.

The company now offers damp proof Xi™ precast concrete panels in 138 counties throughout Tennessee, northern Alabama, western Kentucky and northwest Georgia.

“Since 2003 Superior Walls of East Tennessee has constructed thousands of customized basements for homeowners,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls of America, Ltd. “The expansion of their geographic reach now allows more homeowners the opportunity to start the construction of their new homes with energy-efficient insulated precast concrete wall systems.”

Job site installation of Superior Walls Xi energy efficient foundation system

Xi panels are the first and only precast foundation system to earn the Green Approved Product designation by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center. The Superior Walls products are resource efficient, using up to 70 percent less concrete in a new home than conventional foundations. Stud facings eliminate the need for additional wood framing prior to interior finishing. Using fewer materials also helps reduce the carbon footprint of the new home’s construction process.

For homeowners in western Kentucky and central Tennessee, the benefits of Superior Walls of East Tennessee foundation systems are substantial. The energy-efficient walls help lower a home’s overall energy costs and reduce energy leakage while providing increased living space in a comfortable setting. The walls help improve indoor air quality in a dry basement setting along with enhancing the resale value of a home.

“Foam insulated concrete studs and foam insulation on the bond beams help ensure energy efficiency in the home,” says Costello. “Facing against the exterior of the home, the panels’ concrete face shell is backed by 2-1/2-inches of continuous DOW® Styrofoam™ for superior warmth and energy efficiency in the home.”

Superior Walls of East Tennessee Xi panels always arrive “damp proof” from the manufacturing facility in Rock Island, Tennessee and also allow for increasing the amount of insulation without the need for additional framing. The patented wall systems from Superior Walls are custom built to a project’s specifications in nearly any home style, allowing homeowners to save on energy bills while gaining additional living space in the home.

Source: http://www.superiorwallstn.com/

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