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Soliant Energy Announces New Commercial Rooftop Solar Solution

Soliant Energy, the leader in concentrated photovoltaic solar energy systems for commercial rooftops, today announced the next evolution of its industry leading CPV commercial rooftop solar energy solution, the SE-1000X. The SE-1000X features eight CPV modules per tracking panel and delivers 504 watts.

This high power coupled with the integrated TipTilt Tracking(TM) generates the greatest amount of energy, at the lowest price per kWh (kilowatt) for commercial rooftop installations. The SE-1000X maximizes energy production per rooftop square foot when compared to flat-panel solar rooftop solutions.

“Our business is turning empty, unused flat commercial rooftops into the most energy dense and lowest energy cost solar plants possible. The only way to do that is through high concentration solar panels that exceed the natural energy-producing limits of fixed flat solar panels and maximize the energy available from the limited area of a commercial rooftop,” said Dr. Terry Bailey, president and chief executive of Soliant Energy during the annual Solar Power International show in Los Angeles. “The SE-1000X represents our next step in providing the industry with the most powerful, reliable and cost-effective solar solution for commercial rooftops with high energy demands and limited space.”

Superior Solution for Commercial Rooftops

Across the U.S., there are more than five million commercial, industrial and government buildings with flat roofs that collectively represent more than 500GW (gigawatt) of power generation opportunity. Most of these buildings are major energy consumers that need to maximize rooftop solar energy generation in order to make a meaningful impact on electricity bills.

“Globally, the commercial rooftop, including large retail, warehouses, hospitals, etc., will experience significant growth going forward providing opportunities for technology companies targeting this sector,” said Paula Mints, Director in Navigant’s Energy Division and principal analyst for its Solar Services Program.

The Soliant SE-1000X is specifically designed to deliver the highest energy generation from a limited roof top space and represents a significant improvement, generating up to twice the energy of other commercially available solar panel technologies.


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