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New B-CLP Clips from BECK Fastener Group Ideal for Manual Deck Installation

Fasco America, the exclusive North American distributor for the BECK Fastener Group®, announced today the much-anticipated addition of B-CLP Clips, expanding the reach of their InvisiDeck® Hidden Fastening System into manual installations using non-grooved deck boards.

Just like the rest of the InvisiDeck® Hidden Fastening System, the new B-CLP Clips create a smooth decking surface free from any visible fastener heads. The original InvisiDeck® system introduced earlier this year uses an I-CLP Clip, and allows the user to speed to completion three to five times faster than conventional deck installation methods due to its use of 33° collated strip InvisiDeck® SCRAIL® fasteners applied with the pneumatic InvisiDeck® Installation Tool (#F36 RHN33-38 DT pneumatic nail gun).

The B-CLP Clips, however, are uniquely designed for MANUAL installations using non-collated BULK fasteners, perfect for jobs where an air compressor or air tools are unavailable or inappropriate. Many such projects require fewer fasteners, so the B-CLP clips are packed 90 to a box, which can cover a 50 square foot decking surface vs. the I-CLP Clip which is packed 900 per bucket for a 500 square foot surface. B-CLP Clips also deliver outstanding hold-down power for non-grooved synthetic, hardwood, and softwood decking applications.

Constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel for strength and durability, the innovative B-CLP Clips also save labor time and cost compared to other hidden fastener installations since all work is conveniently done from the top of the decking boards.

Brett McCutcheon, National Sales and Marketing Manager, notes, “Not only do these new B-CLP Clips accelerate project completion time and improve the beauty of the deck, they also preserve its appearance and value by eliminating splitting, splintering, cupping and rotting.”

B-CLP Clips come in three varieties:

  • B-CLP1 Softwood Deck Clip is crafted from heavy gauge steel with Magni 599 coating for outstanding corrosion protection with an additional black top coat to better hide the fasteners between deck boards. This clip is ideal for non-grooved soft and low-density woods with board thickness of 5/4” to 2” in all environments. It is designed for use with Cedar, Coast Fir, Douglas Fir, Eastern Spruce, Eastern White Cedar, Port Oxford Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Pressure Treated Lumber, Western Red Cedar, Western Redwood, and Yellow Cedar.
  • B-CLP2 Softwood Deck Clip is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with a black oxide coating making it suitable for harsh or coastal environments. It can be used with the same non-grooved materials as the B-CLP1, but also includes Atlantic White Cedar.
  • B-CLP3 Composite/Mahogany/PVC Clip is also made from heavy gauge stainless steel with black oxide coating, but was developed for use with non-grooved composite or synthetic decking materials and medium-density mahogany, making it suitable for use with ChoiceDek, Geo Deck, Moisture Shield, Trex Accents, Trex Escapes, Tuf-Deck, Ultra Deck Hollow, Veka, Weather Ready (Gossen), and medium-density hardwood varieties such as Cambara, other medium density mahogany, and Meranti.

As an alternative, the original I-CLP Clip can be used with collated SCRAIL® fasteners and a pneumatic gun. The I-CLP Clip is designed for use with grooved boards, but can also be used with non-grooved boards that have been modified with the InvisiDeck® Groove Cutter.

The B-CLP Clips are part of a planned roll out of a broad assortment of fastening products from the BECK Fastener Group® specifically designed for decking applications. The first step was the BeckDeck® SCRAIL® fastener line designed for face-nailing low density composites, featuring double threads to reduce the unwanted bulge of cratering, or mushrooming. Next came the InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® Fastener System, making it possible to achieve a clean surface without visible screw heads for grooved board applications. Now with the B-CLP Clip product extension, there should be an InvisiDeck® Hidden Fastening System for virtually every decking application.


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