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Micro Hydro Power Turbines

For businesses and home owners with access to a constant running water source, a recent addition to the product range of Proven Engineering Products could mean big savings in electricity bills.

The Scottish renewable energy equipment manufacturer now produces Micro Hydro Turbine Generators. As long as running water is available, such as for people with riverside homes, these units will produce power no matter what the weather conditions are. This also means that only one or two units may be needed to provide enough energy to run and heat an average modern house.

As every river or stream is different, one problem is that all hydro schemes also must be different, usually due to the ‘head’ or pressure of the water. To alleviate this problem, Proven Engineering Products have designed a turbine that caters for a large range of heads. Some new nozzle technology to control variables caused by variations in water flow also means that they can offer cost-effective and efficient hydro turbines for many sites which have been considered "uneconomic" until now.

Source: Proven Engineering Products

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