Domestic Channel Drainage System

With low rainfall and the threat of water shortages this summer, flood prevention is probably the last thing on homeowner’s minds. However, with global warming on the rise, and potential flooding predicted across the UK this summer, domestic channel drainage systems are an easy and sensible option for the prevention of flooding.

With the OSMA range of domestic channel drainage systems, it is possible to provide a complete and integrated surface water drainage system for all domestic applications. The range consists of OsmaChannel and OsmaRainChannel which are suitable for a variety of domestic applications including, patios, pool surrounds, garden paths, and domestic driveways.

Denise O’Leary from Wavin Plastics, one of the UK’s leading water management companies, commented: “Rainfall patterns in the UK are changing, with heavier and shorter bursts of rain becoming a common occurrence. Therefore flood prevention in the home and for businesses should be a priority, and is why systems such as OsmaChannel drainage should be introduced wherever possible within these locations.”

Due to a very dry winter this year, land has become very hard and dry making it much harder for water to permeate the land. The water simply runs-off the land into the lowest point, usually the patio area, causing major disruption with water potentially leaking into the foundations of the home and through patio doors.

“The OSMA drainage systems require a very shallow excavation and are designed for quick and easy installation, with male and female ends for easy connection and with no special tools required. The range is simple and effective ensuring homes are protected as much as possible from the rain.”

OsmaChannel is 75% lighter than traditional concrete and is constructed out of Polymer concrete. The system is supplied in 1 metre lengths, with an overall depth of 80mm, and has a galvanised grating and fixing mechanism. This particular product is suitable for domestic driveways and pedestrian areas around the home. OSMA RainChannel is suitable for pathways, patios and gardens and is made of lightweight, recycled polypropylene which is quick and easy to cut on site, with male and female ends for easy connection into a run. The polypropylene grating has an anti-slip design and a self locking slot-fit system, with no metal parts and a built-in provision for bolting if required. The Polyheel self locking grating also includes narrower slots to prevent thin/small heels from getting caught.

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