Changing the Face of Building Projects With the Terracade Terracotta Building Facade System from Aus

With the introduction of the innovative Terraçade XP terracotta façade system by Austral Bricks, a new era in design has been unleashed to change the face of new and refurbished building projects across Australia.

Terraçade XP provides practical as well as visually appealing solutions to many design obstacles. This authentic terracotta product boasts design flexibility and simple installation to stamp every project with stylish individuality. It is ideal for existing structure redesign or continuity of colour and shape in new construction.

Figure 1. Terracade facade system on townhouses

The Terraçade XP tile acts as part of a rain screen over a water proofed and drained structural wall. The system has been fully tested for structural performance and for static and dynamic water penetration. Terraçade XP can be used in cyclonic regions as it has been successfully tested at the Cyclone Testing Station.

Available in a range of natural earthy colours and two different profiles, the Terraçade XP system will enhance any project large or small. The unique design of Terraçade XP allows it to be used on buildings up to 40 storeys high, and the natural properties of terracotta ensure durability, colour fastness and a life-long maintenance-free finish.

Terraçade XP is Australian made and is manufactured at one of the most modern terracotta tile making facilities in the world. Designed in consultation with one of Australia's leading architects, it's easy to see why the Terraçade XP system is fast becoming the product of choice for progressive architects, designers and builders.

Colours Inspired by the Australian Landscape

Australia's rich and diverse landscape was the inspiration behind Terraçade XP's earthy colour palette, with a range of natural tones to suit any environment. Not only will the application of Terraçade XP make a statement of its own but it will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buildings' surrounds and project a distinct Australian flavour.

Figure 2. Terracade XP Colour Palette

Both commercial and customdesigned residential projects will benefit from Terraçade XP's highly distinctive and individual finish. It is a contemporary and innovative alternative to other façades, giving greater flexibility to designers and architects. Terraçade XP has the flexibility to suit any project and will enhance the surrounds with its natural clay blends.

The beauty of Terraçade XP is that it can be used as a façade for an entire building or wall, or simply as a creative focal point to an innovative design. Its simple yet stylish appearance will complement and provide a stunning finish to any project.

Terraçade XP provides the natural beauty, low maintenance and longevity of real terracotta. Terracotta tiles are robust, colourfast, durable, and have an extremely long service life. The exposure grade classification of the tiles attests to the product's suitability for all environments.

Thermal Barrier

The Terraçade XP system minimises thermal transfer, providing superior interior comfort and energy savings. The rear-ventilated design creates an air cavity outside the load-bearing wall, allowing natural ventilation via a chimney effect and facilitating rapid dispersion of heat, humidity and condensation.


This highly robust product is UV stable, frost resistant and repels atmospheric changes brought on by pollution, smog – even acid rain. Terraçade XP tiles are 'exposure grade' classified and can be used in all environments, including severe marine and heavy industrial areas. The durability and longevity of natural clay, can be attested by its extremely long service life on many Federation buildings.

Building Sustainability

Terraçade XP offers design flexibilty as individual tiles can be replaced at any stage for ease of maintenance or to facilitate changes to update the building's appearance. The tiles can also be secured into the frame by mechanical means to prevent vandalism. The simple installation means Terraçade XP can easily be added to if future building extension is necessary.

Tested Performance

Terraçade XP has been successfully tested to AS/NZS 4284, (Testing of Building Façades) for water penetration and structural integrity and to AS 4040.3 for resistance to wind pressures for cyclone regions.


Terraçade XP combines the natural beauty and longevity of real terracotta to allow an attractive collusion between construction and the environment, creating aesthetic appeal without sacrifice. The versatility of the Terraçade XP system allows a beautiful, simplistic finish or a touch of creative individuality to any project large or small:

  • Residential housing exterior cladding – a truly maintenance-free product.
  • Commercial building façades – a distinctive finish with the natural benefits of terracotta.
  • Office or residential high-rise – up to forty stories.
  • Buildings in cyclonic regions – fully tested at the Cyclone Testing Station
  • Refurbishment – the curtain wall system is ideal for retro fitting to existing structures, providing extra thermal performance and moisture protection.
  • Interior feature walls – a truly innovative concept for the modern home or office building.
  • Fencing and screening – create a landscape feature all of its own.

Durable and Sustainable for Life

Durable and sustainable for life. Terraçade XP is at the forefront of sustainable building products, with outstanding environmental credentials from production to packaging. As Terraçade XP is a ventilated facade system it assists in reducing energy use throughout the building.

The Terraçade XP tile is made from natural and some recycled materials and the majority of the entire system is not only re-usable but can also be recycled. Combining the innate durability of clay, a unique low-maintenance design, and an ability to weather atmospheric extremes, Terraçade XP is a long-lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally sound choice.


The Terraçade XP system is easily installed as the tiles are captured and supported by purpose-designed aluminium extrusions. The curtain wall system provides a high quality façade cladding system with extra thermal performance and moisture protection. The horizontal railings are generally fixed to a suitable sub-frame over a structural wall. Terraçade XP has additional components including aluminium extrusions for the detailing of external and internal corners, window and door surrounds and edge trims. These trims can be customised by either anodising or powder coating to complement or highlight your design.

Source: Austral Bricks
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