Hy-Lite Provides Operable Acrylic Block and Decorative Glass Products to Home Builders and Remodelers

Home builders and remodelers looking to add more value, decorative appeal and natural light to a home or apartment are increasingly turning to operable acrylic block and decorative glass products from Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company.

As the housing market continues its slow recovery, the residential new construction market is seeing a shift in strategy for window openings. Hy-Lite is providing the ideal solution for builders and remodelers nationwide by offering multi-purpose acrylic block and decorative glass windows that make the most out of home designs with fewer window openings.

Operable decorative glass windows from Hy-Lite® allow builders and remodelers to transform a home, making the rooms inside feel bigger and more inviting.

“Builders and homeowners alike are demanding more from each window opening as the number of windows in new home designs decreases,” says Tom Rachfal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hy-Lite. “The light, privacy and fresh air provided by an operable acrylic block or decorative glass window adds long-lasting style and value to any home.”

Rachfal, whose company saw a significant sales increase during the first half of 2010, says that both new-home builders and existing-home renovators look to operable acrylic block and decorative glass windows as the ideal solution for light, privacy and energy-efficiency in the current housing market.

New-Construction Solutions Offer Privacy with a Breeze

"As lot sizes shrink and housing density rates increase, homeowners are desperate for privacy," says Rachfal. "With some cluster developments, townhouse configurations and zero lot lines, builders either eliminate facing windows – and valuable natural lighting – or use an operable window that solves the privacy issue."

“The addition of an acrylic block or decorative glass window is a unique way for builders to add personality to their designs and to differentiate their product in this challenging market,” says Rachfal. “When sunlight enters through one of these windows it transforms the home, making the rooms inside feel bigger, lighter and more inviting.”

Rachfal adds that many existing homes currently on the market would also benefit from the addition of an operable privacy window. Acrylic block and decorative glass windows effortlessly turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and help a home stand out with buyers.

Functional Energy Efficiency

These eye-catching operable windows boast surprisingly strong energy efficiencies, featuring U-Values as low as 0.32 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients as low as 0.27. With thermal testing at these impressive levels, Hy-Lite is now able to manufacture Energy Star®-qualified privacy windows for most areas of the country. With three energy-efficient options to choose from, homeowners can now have the energy-savings of a traditional Low-E window combined with the style and flair of an acrylic block product.

“Energy efficiency is one of the most important window features for the majority of homeowners,” concludes Rachfal. “Whether it’s a new construction application or a weekend remodeling job, the operable acrylic block window is the best solution available for light, privacy and energy savings.”

Builder Model Home Program
Hy-Lite offers special discounts to builders on operable casement, single-hung, slider and awning windows used in some model home communities. The operable units are ideal for a full range of new-construction applications including unique double casement, radius top casement, hexagon awning and eyebrow casement windows and are available in a variety of block patterns, colors and privacy options.

Source: http://www.hy-lite.com/

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