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New Line of Fiber Glass Air Handling Products from Berkshire Hathaway Company

Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and global building products manufacturer, today announced the launch of an entirely new line of fiber glass air handling products: JM EQ.

The industry’s most comprehensive line of air handling products, JM EQ (Environmental Quality) products contain a Formaldehyde-free™ resin for improved indoor air quality, deliver outstanding noise attenuation and thermal efficiency performance and integrate EPA-registered anti-microbial agents that protect them against mold development.

Products in JM’s EQ line of air handling products include:

  • Spiracoustic Plus™ EQ round duct liner system: Specifically engineered to provide excellent acoustical and thermal performance in round air ducts of virtually any size, Spiracoustic Plus EQ replaces the need for expensive double-wall insulation systems in round ducts.
  • Linacoustic® EQ fiber glass duct liner: A flexible duct liner insulation made from strong glass fibers bonded with a Formaldehyde-free resin for exceptional acoustical and thermal performance.
  • EnviroAire™ EQ fiber glass duct board: A fiber glass duct board produced from strong glass fibers bonded with a Formaldehyde-free resin, EnviroAire EQ substantially outperforms other duct systems, offering superior acoustical and temperature control performance.
  • Microlite® EQ fiber glass duct wrap insulation: A lightweight fiber glass blanket-type insulation designed for excellent temperature control.

“JM has served as the market leader in developing quality, high-performance building products for more than 150 years, and we are committed to helping our customers realize a larger vision of Environmental Quality,” said Tanya Bradby, Air Handling portfolio leader for JM’s Insulation Systems business. “With our EQ line, we’ve taken our already preferred air handling products to the next level technically, while maintaining the same exceptional field performance that customers have come to expect from JM products.”

JM anticipates rolling out EQ products later this year. For a healthier and safer environment, products in the line contain a Formaldehyde-free resin, which reduces overall formaldehyde exposure. And for commercial buildings the entire line will be GREENGUARD Children and Schools SM certified, which means they meet stringent certification standards for indoor air quality.

In addition to improved indoor air quality, the performance benefits of JM EQ air handling products include:

  • Thermal efficiency: The thermal performance inherent in the JM EQ line of products helps deliver warmed or cooled air at the desired temperatures and eliminates condensation problems when installed properly.
  • Moisture and mold performance: Products in JM’s EQ line integrate anti-microbial agents - such as the company’s proprietary Permacote® coating, an EPA-registered agent - to help protect them against mold development.
  • Noise attenuation: Products such as JM Spiracoustic Plus EQ duct liner and JM Linacoustic EQ duct liner serve as passive sound-reduction media. And because JM EnviroAire EQ duct board eliminates the need for metal ductwork, there is no vibration or regenerated noise.
  • Building with the JM EQ line of products helps architects, mechanical engineers and contractors achieve energy efficiency and green building certifications, including the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

JM has served as the market leader in developing quality, high-performance building products for more than 150 years. Two years of research and testing went into JM’s EQ line to ensure the products not only deliver outstanding benefits once installed, but the same consistent performance and productivity that contractors and fabricators prefer in the shop and on the job.


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