Unicel Architectural Announces Availability of ViuLite Glass-Encased Venetian Blinds

Unicel Architectural, a producer of vision and daylight control solutions, has declared the availability of its patented and new ViuLite product range.

The ViuLite also branded as integrated blinds, enwraps Venetian blinds inside glass to provide a privacy solution that does not require any maintenance.

ViuLite product

The latest ViuLite product range from Unicel mixes its specialty glazing engineering with that of the Pellini’s ScreenLine technology and market expertise for integrated blinds. ViuLite is a blind structure that is lastingly sealed and set within a double-glazed cavity to offer dust-less and maintenance free surroundings. With the inclusion of ViuLite in its product collection, Unicel currently produces a full range of blinded glazing and louvered product solutions for both interior and exterior design usages.

The ViuLite integrated blind systems offers several advantages such as tilt and raise or tilt only, motorized or manual controls, and variable vision control. The blinds provide clean and dust-less environment, does not require cleaning and maintenance and provide improved shading. Unlike normal blinds, the sealed blinds are protected from damages. The blinds are supplied in a choice of colors and the narrow 20mm airspace allows easy fitting into restricted glass pocket depths and supported by Unicel’s matchless customer service.

The company holds the license to produce Pellini ScreenLine products in North America and also remains as an exclusive distributor for the products in Canada.

Source: http://www.unicelarchitectural.com/

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