Entech Solar Declares Progress in its New Daylighting Products

Entech Solar, which has been developing a number of daylighting products for use in industrial, commercial and educational buildings that utilizes sunlight for power, recently declared the progress it has made in the development of its high-lumen-output collimating skylight and collimating accessory kit for skylights. The company shared the key test results of its first phase of development.

Both the new products incorporate Entech Solar’s registered collimating skylight technology, which is designed to redirect the solar rays to the working area below the skylight thus supplying more and quality sun light to the working spot than the traditional type of skylights. Entech Solar’s High-Lumen-Output Collimating Skylights over the past few weeks during the spring equinox constantly produced over 50,000 lumens of maximum output on normal clear days during the noon period utilizing an above-roof window opening measuring 6.2 square feet. The collimating skylight products are produced utilizing cost- effective manufacturing techniques and materials. The new products are anticipated to be available commercially in the second quarter of this year with competitive prices per lumen of daylight supplied. The company is also planning to offer bigger sized units for the use of warehouses, retail stores and factories. The larger units with an aperture of 13 square feet are anticipated to provide over 100,000 lumens of lighting.

The Collimating Add-On Kits supplied by the company for use with Skylights manufactured by other companies during the tests improved the daylighting features of other skylight products. The add-on products got rid of the glare normally associated with conventional skylight products and efficiently directed the lumen output to the work spot beneath the skylight where required. While around 60% improvements were measured in the mid-mornings the add-ons achieved near 100% improvement in the mid-afternoon period and it was a staggering 130% improvement in the late afternoons and early mornings.

Source: http://www.entechsolar.com/

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