KB Home Builds LEED Platinum Certified Homes in Los Angeles

KB Home, a home building company, has unveiled Primera Terra, the first LEED Platinum certified homes located on the Westside of Los Angeles.

The homes are offered with a choice of six floor plans with floor spaces ranging from 965 to 1,504 square feet having a maximum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each of the homes has a private balcony or patio and two underground parking spaces with power charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Primera Terra the first LEED Platinum certified homes

The 52 luxury type apartments of Primera Terra located in the Playa Vista neighborhood are constructed using sustainable materials along with energy and water saving installations to provide more comforts than a normal construction. The homes are designed to save around 40% on energy costs when compared to similar sized homes that conform to the Title 24 new home standards. Select homes in the building are anticipated to spend only $57 per month towards heating and cooling costs.

Each home in the building is built with energy efficient features such as tank-less water heaters, energy efficient windows, ENERGY STAR rated lighting and appliances and WaterSense labeled faucets and toilets. The energy monitoring system provided at each home will allow the home owner to follow their energy usage every day through the web or a mobile interface. The installed active ventilation systems and combusting venting along with the installation of exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms increases the quantity of fresh air inside the building and the use of low-VOC flooring and paints to cut down the air toxin levels to improve the air quality.

The building is located close to a number of convenient facilities such as dry cleaning services, banking, shops and hotels. The location has a number of parks, leisure places and biking tracks.

Source: http://www.kbhome.com/

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