EDiS Utilizes Hybrid Construction Methods to Complete New Construction

Sunday Breakfast Mission, a nonprofit organization serving the needs of homeless men chose EDiS, a construction services providing company, to build a new facility to extend its services to accommodate women and children.

The mission was having space as well as budget constraints to complete the project. The complex project includes building of four dissimilar constructions such as a three-storied residential block, a large sized clear-story block to be used as a multipurpose room, an entry block and transition structure to link the existing building with the new construction.

EDiS utilized the services of Steve Eisenacher, an expert in hybrid construction and employed as a sales engineer with Butler Manufacturing, to integrate the new construction with the existing one to overcome space constraints and to complete the construction with minimum costs. To achieve cost reduction, EDiS followed hybrid construction methods provided through Butler Manufacturing. It also utilized the services of a Utah-based architect with experience in charitable constructions to guide the project.

To improve the energy efficiency and to cut down the costs, EDiS utilized three of Butler products such as StylWall, Butlerib II and TextureWall, for their exclusive design features and energy efficiency in addition to the use of secondaries and structural steel. It utilized the VSR roof system of Butler over small areas such as a canopy and used MR-24 roof system over areas with a wide clear span and over the three story units to cut down the maintenance costs and keep the energy costs at a lower level. The close proximity of the construction location enabled the company to store the required building products such as steel at its location during the construction.

The project was completed six weeks prior to the fixed date thus enabling the mission to open its exclusive women and children’s facility during August 2010.

Source: http://www.ediscompany.com/

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