California Paints Receives Top Rating for Exterior House Paint

A national study, conducted by an independent body, on quality exterior paints has given the first rating to California Paints for its Fres-Coat House Paint for the second consecutive year. The paint has regularly received top honors in this annual study.

Fres-Coat Paint

The Fres-Coat from California Paints is a 100% acrylic latex paint meant for external surface applications. The zero VOC paint does not cause exterior stains. It is eco-friendly and suitable for use on any type of exterior surface. The special formula used in the paint makes it to dry quickly and each coating of paint provides superior adhesion. The paint is resistant to alkali and water and retains its colors for long time

The Trillion Super Strength Colorant, a new product from the company, is an eco-friendly and VOC-free colorant system that provides lasting color performance. The Trillion-tinted coatings have high level of hiding power over other types of tinted materials and provide improved scrub resistance. The colorant can be used with both alkyd and latex paint coatings. The colorant program improves color intensity and surface coverage of all types of paints.

The annual national study conducts a detailed testing in which the appearance of exterior paints is assessed after subjecting them to three to nine years of exposure. The paints are checked for their endurance to dirt, mildew and cracks to receive the overall score.


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