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Brookvent Introduces New Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

Brookvent, a company that supplies exclusive heat recovery ventilation systems, has declared the introduction of its HRV unit, aircycle 1.1., with advanced control and high performance features in a small compact package. The company is engaged in the manufacture of HRV systems for over 15 years.

The heat recovery ventilation (HRV) has been incorporated as a regular feature in most of the energy efficient homes that are constructed with adequate levels of air-tightness. Such systems work by drawing the heat from the stale heated air produced from kitchens and bath rooms to heat the fresh incoming air from outdoor to maintain the warmth inside the house.

The Brookvent aircyle 1.1, the latest from the company comes with a heat efficiency of up to 90% and is approved by SAP-Q. It comes with a fan power of just 0.7 W/l/s and it is considered as one among the efficient units available. The advanced control features incorporated in the system makes the aircycle 1.1., different from others. The system takes due care to provide a ventilation that fully meets the demand for maximum efficiency. The system incorporates a digital controller with a fully programmable 5/2 day timer, and it reacts to the signals from the passive infrared (PIR) sensors or humidity sensors to manage the speed of the fan and subsequently the level of ventilation, thus responding to the lifestyles of the user.

The inbuilt airflow sensors in the system react to the changes in pressures inside the ducting to maintain a correct level of ventilation. The sensors are responsive to any blockages in the filter and alert the user in the event of fan failures. The system involves saving over 20% on the space heating bill.

The fans fitted with Expanded Polypropylene to make sure of minimal sound transfer, incorporates a seven speed control panel and the system can be placed any where in a home.


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