Daystar Window Tinting Installs EnerLogic Window Films

Daystar Window Tinting, a San Francisco Bay Area-located family owned business, installs EnerLogic wind films supplied by Vista Window Film.

Commercial Window Film. Credit: Daystar Window Tinting

The company being an approved Platinum Dealer of Vista Window Film installs the film both for business and home owners in Bay Area.

According to Mark Rascon, owner of Daystar Window Tinting, the thin EnerLogic wind films like any other normal reflective films prevent the glare, heat and sun light entering the home or office and also insulate the windows of the building, thus maintaining the heat inside as well to bring down the heating costs during winter. The film boasts of rejecting around 99% of the UV rays entering the building and it has a low emissivity rating of around 0.07. The film brings down the heat gain during summer by 72% and curtails the heat loss by 42% in winter.

The low-e insulating window film provides maximum energy savings of around 92% and good results can be achieved in places where the poorly insulated and thin windows are upgraded. The film is said to pay itself within a period of 2.75 years in contrast to a window replacement, which takes 20 years to payback the investment.

EnerLogic film provides all the savings while continuing to offer good optical clarity with any type of lighting and will work compatibly with all types of high-efficiency lighting systems.


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