Horizon Group Properties and CBL Properties Opens Outlet Shoppes

The Outlet Shoppes, an Oklahoma City located partnership venture of Horizon Group Properties and CBL & Associates Properties, will be opened in  August 2011.

Outlet Shoppes. Credit: Horizon Group

The shopping center will have 83 fully leased stores and over 40 stores among them are new to the city. Situated at the junction of Council Road and Interstate 40  it is the only Outlet Shoppes center in the State.

The center is located at a place where more than 112,000 vehicles pass through the site every day. It anticipates getting more than 6 million visitors every year from among the travelers who pass through the Interstates 44, 40 and 35 and visitors from the three states. Construction of the shopping center measuring 348,000 sq ft  was started in June 2010.

The shopping center constructed over a customer-friendly racetrack set up has walkways that are covered by a tensile structure to increase the convenience and comfort of the visitors. The center will boast an energetic and dynamic set up, exclusive architectural features and decorated courtyards. The center will have a center stage arrangement with fountains and other facilities; children’s play area and a big food court to comfort the visitors and others with a range of retail and leisure alternatives. The shopping center has over 60,000 sq ft of vacant land to construct more outlet shops and portions that can complement the present facilities at the center.

The shopping center has generated more than 1,000 retail job positions and more are anticipated to be generated during the holiday season. The shopping center with its anticipated sales of over $120 million will pay more than $4 million to the city in the form of sales tax revenue.

Source http://www.horizongroup.com/default.aspx

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