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Ibstock Brick Brings out Unique Range of Bricks

Ibstock, the brick producing company in the UK, has declared the availability of the ‘exclusive range’ of bricks that are especially developed to provide the architect and others who look forward for specified type of bricks that can inspire the design requirements.

Ibstock Brick has launched it's new Exclusives Range. Credit: Ibstock

Each brick supplied by the company is chosen carefully for their exclusive color and design texture that helps in making the building construction extra special. The novel collection of bricks is divided into three dissimilar varieties such as Running Waters, Modern Hues and Woodland Shades. Bricks in the Woodland Shades variety have a mix of natural colors with exclusively formulated textures, which are accomplished by the use of sawdust in place of sand as a release in the production procedures to provide the bricks a shadowed look.

The Modern Hues variety includes accurately shaped bricks that have been paired with robust and active mineral color shades and the Running Water range of bricks feature bold shading and pliable luster that contributes to an exclusive vivacity to any façade.

According to Andrew Halstead-smith, Ibstock’s marketing manager, the new range of bricks developed by the company will help the specifiers and architects who are on the lookout for unique collections that will provide them a definite edge to produce projects that can stand apart from other projects. The exclusive bricks supplied by the company will provide them the much needed different textures and colors.


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