Central Park of Stephenson Wins Project of the Year Award

Central Park of Stephenson project of Earl Senchuk has been chosen as the decorative concrete project of the Year at the seventh annual function of the CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine. The projects chosen as winners for the 2011 Project of the Year award stand for their exceptional creativity in ornamental concrete creations across the industry.

Central Park of Stephenson Concrete Project. Credit: CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine

They symbolize the best of designs and methods used in making decorative concrete. Over 1100 readers of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine have participated and voted for their preferred choice, which includes one overall “Project of the Year,” one Readers’ Choice and six honorable mentions. The winners chosen for the award will be featured in the CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazines December issue.

Earl Senchuk’s Central Park of Stephenson project is an all-inclusive type of ranch having integral-colored concrete stamping. The project resembles a concrete rose flower carving model suspended in a pond. Every one of the three leaves and 12 petals were carved one-by-one using fast-setting, shrinkage-redressed single component made of polymer-modified masonry plaster with the relevant properties of cement. The carved pieces were then listed and fixed into a dental plate resembling holder. The distinctive portion has a crosswise measurement of 54” and boasts a LED light ring with 120 high-intensity lights, sunken lights and fountain head and a pump.

Apart from the PROJECT OF THE YEAR, the magazine also has made honorable mention about large-scale commercial, residential, commercial, craft piece, mosaic effect, and theme park and readers’ choice projects.

Source: http://www.concreteconstruction.net/

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