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AltusGroup’s CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels for Cineplex Galaxy in Canada

International Precast Solutions of Michigan employed AltusGroup’s CarbonCast insulated wall panels, with high performance at the new Cineplex Galaxy of Ontario. This was the first precast application in Canada.

Cineplex Galaxy in Chatham, Ontario by International Precast Solutions, LLC (, River Rouge, Mich., a member of The Prestressed Group and AltusGroup

During 2011 August, International Precast Solutions became AltusGroup’s 14th producing member and has secured the license for the production of CarbonCast Architectural Cladding, CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels and CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels. This company is one of the 30 national industrialized facilities, which share marketing, sales of more than 400 specification-oriented and engineering experts, who operate these PCI certified plants for excellent results and constant quality control.

CarbonCast technology will be provided by both the companies. This technology has primarily utilized C-GRID, a high-strength, non-corrosive, carbon fiber grid coated with epoxy, and secondarily used shear reinforcing rather than normal steel mesh reinforcing. C-GRID ensures that enclosure systems need concrete in small amounts for taller and thinner structurally composite segments. In addition, these system decreases the weight by 50% for better strength while providing enhanced insulation values owing to the comparatively low thermal conductivity.

The Prestressed Group offers modified precast solutions from Indiana to New York and from Ontario to Kentucky. AltusGroup and the Prestressed Group work to provide high-tech materials all over Canada and remaining parts of the country.


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