Hubbell’s Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems for RIPTA’s New Home

Hubbell Lighting has offered the lighting systems to the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority’s (RIPTA) new home in both the exterior and the interior.

The construction of the new transit operations facility located in Providence values at $34 million, was started in 2008 and completed during 2010. The design of this facility was done by the Robinson Green Beretta’s (RGB) architectural firm based in Rhode Island, and Architectural Engineers (AEI) based in Boston.

Diverse New 80-Year RIPTA Facility Requires a Wide Range of Sustainable Lighting Solutions

John Racine, the project architect of RGB, stated that aim of the RIPTA design construct a facility that can be used for a minimum of 80 years and planned to combine operations spread over many buildings into a single facility. This 140,000 sq. ft. facility offers space for the task of total bus maintenance besides housing administrative offices.

AEI’s senior electrical engineer, David Walkenstein, considered that light fixture tests have been conducted widely previous to the final selection of fixtures to use LED, metal halide and fluorescent light sources. This comprehensive test included distribution patterns, overall costs and life-cycle studies.

After the completion and analysis of the studies, Hubbell’s eight iconic brands out of 21 were selected for lighting the new RIPTA building. Providence series from Architectural Area Lighting will be used for the sire lighting and roof parking deck. The perimeter of the building will be mounted with wall packs of Spaulding Laredo and Hubbell Outdoor flood lights. Explosion-proof fixtures from Hubbell and Spaulding Cimarron rectilinear fixtures are fixed at the fueling station. The flagpole and flag are lit by in-grade fixtures from Kim Lighting.

The building features Columbia Lighting’s 4 and 6- lamp T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures. Walkenstein said that these were considered to be the best solution-based life-cycle costs. Compact fluorescent down lights with low brightness from Prescolite illuminate the interior corridors and the administration offices are lit by Stratus Series of direct or indirect center basket light fittings from Columbia Lighting. Other areas like file copy rooms, maintenance storage and closets, backside of the home are illuminated by shallow and corridor wrap-around fluorescent fixtures from Columbia Lighting.

Walkenstein combined life safety egress path lighting and down lights of Prescolite, by means of Dual-Lite integral emergency battery backup, for lighting implementation at the RIPTA’s new home.


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