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MaxLite’s Full Cutoff LED Wall Packs Receive DLC Approval

MaxLite, a provider of LED fluorescent energy efficient lighting products, has announced that its full cutoff LED Wall Packs have received the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) certification and have now been included in the Qualified Products List.

The DLC is a collaboration formed by the regional energy efficiency organizations and utility companies for increasing the awareness of efficient lighting for commercial purposes.

MaxLite full cutoff LED Wall Packs

MaxLite’s full cutoff Wall Packs are designed as alternatives to conventional fluorescent and HID fixtures. They are energy efficient and maintenance free. They are an effective alternative to fluorescent, metal halide, high and low pressure sodium, and induction lighting fixtures. The Wall Packs avoid cave-like appearances and provide a uniform and wide beam.

The cutoff Wall Packs provide a maximum brightness of up to 4200 lm and have a life of around 13 years or 50,000 h. They require low maintenance and provide higher energy savings, which allows achievement of ROI within two years. The lights can operate from 120 to 277 V. The packs have a polyester coated, one-piece, cast aluminium, heavy-duty housing for protection from corrosion and rust. They have shatterproof glass and are sealed to prevent bugs and dust. The integral LED driver is Class 2 and is UL-listed. The LED module in the Wall Pack has an aluminium heat sink for thermal management. It also has directional settings.

The full cutoff, which uses 20 W has a color temperature of 5000K and delivers 1400 lm. It can replace metal halide fixtures up to 100 W. The 30 W cutoff can replace 150 W fixtures, while the 40 W can be used as replacement for 175 W and the 70 W full cutoff Wall Pack can be used as replacement for 250 W metal halide lamp.

The Wall Packs are offered in textured white finish and a dark bronze finish. The lights are suitable for outdoor lighting and can be used for illuminating universities, schools, hospitals, public spaces, commercial buildings and hotels.


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