Guiyang - Luodian Highway Project to Benefit Local Economy

City Channel of CRI Online reported that construction on the Guiyang - Luodian Highway project has started in the Huishui county of Guizhou in Southwest China. This new project is expected to promote economic growth in the southwest region of China.

CITY CHANNEL OF CRI ONLINE HIGHWAY Highway to Promote Economic Development in Southwest China. (Credit: City Channel of CRI Online)

The Guiyang - Luodian Highway is a significant section of the Yinchuan - Longbang Highway, which is a part of the plan of the National Highway Network. The length of the Guiyang - Luodian Highway will be 112.913 km.

The Guiyang - Luodian Highway construction will facilitate southward transportation in the province of Guizhou. It will strengthen industrialization and urbanization as well as support the economic development in the region.

Zhou Zongwen of Chow Tai Seng Jewelry, a diamond jewelry retailer and wholesaler in China, stated that the Guiyang - Luodian Highway will help the company transport Luodian White Jade more conveniently. He also added that the company will spend tens of billion of yuan to explore the white jade mine also in Luodian County and this will provide a large number of job opportunities for the native people in the region.

Along with the building of the Guiyang - Luodian Highway, other projects such as the hydropower plants in Shangjianpo and Rongge in Mengjing River are also coming up in the region. These projects will mutually benefit the local real estate development, ecological aquatic farming, new urban area establishment and tourism industry.


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