Zeus-Shield Standing Seam Metal Roof Available from Universal Steel Buildings

Universal Steel Buildings, a supplier of Olympia Steel Buildings to residential, agricultural, commercial, industry, government, civilian and military agencies, is offering the new Zeus-Shield “Trapezoidal” and “Architectural” standing seam metal roof systems.

These metal roof systems can be used for new constructions or for replacing the roof of existing buildings where architectural appearance and weather resistance are considered to be important. The Zeus-Shield standing seam metal roof, basically designed for using with metal building construction and pre-engineered steel buildings can also be used for conventional building applications.

The Zeus-Shield standing seam metal roof introduced by Olympia Steel Buildings, is available in the refined “Architectural” profile and the classic “Trapezoidal” profile. Both the “Architectural” and the “Trapezoidal” standing seam metal roof profiles contain metal panels that are joined by the Zeus-Shield, patented, factory-developed interlocking seam.

The Zeus-Shield “Architectural” standing steam metal roof system meant for metal buildings systems and pre-engineered steel buildings has been aesthetically designed for use in functional and architectural applications where weather resistance and appearance of the roof are considered to be important.

The Zeus-Shield classic “Trapezoidal” standing seam metal roof system, meant for pre-engineered steel structures, is a heavy-duty roof system and it can be used in applications where expansion/contraction, insulation efficiency and water resistance are primary concerns. It is designed for commercial and industrial roofs that come with single or double-sloped rectangular space. The “Trapezoidal” roof system can also be used for complex roof configurations.

The standing seam metal roof panels are made of Galvalume coated steel and they are weather resistant, durable and maintenance free. The roof panels are obtainable in nine Trinar Cool Chemistry Series color coatings. These color coatings hold ceramic pigments that throw back infrared energy while consuming visible light in order that the roof preserves its color while staying cooler. The steel roof panels are moisture resistant and resist wind uplift and live load.

Source: http://www.olympiabuildings.com

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