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High-Speed Fire Door from Tecnalia with High Thermal Insulation

Tecnalia coordinated the NOFIRE European project and has developed a high-speed fire door by integrating two technologies.

The company has been involved in the high-speed door development with fire resistant characteristics.

Tecnalia's high-speed fire doors

The innovative systems that were researched as part of the project helped to improve door safety and thermal performance and will enable development of highly competitive market products that satisfy stringent prevention and safety standards.

In accordance with the EN 1634-1: 2008 standards test, the major results obtained are an increase in the door’s thermal insulation for attaining a resistance of 113 min. The company has categorized this door as high-speed as 1.5 m/s is the opening speed and 0.5m/s is the closing speed.

The company has successfully integrated the safety devices in the doors, which ensure exact operations of the door always and avoids risky situations. The operating system’s novel design, which is truly distinct, ensures that a lot of new products are in the making.

By means of this project, the company has been able to create a rapidly moving fire door. The base for the project’s success is the manufacturing of doors with decreased width and high thermal insulation. The gap present in the market for fire and high-speed doors has been satisfied throughout this project.

This NOFIRE project is part of the 7th Framework Program (7FP) and has a duration of 2 years and 1.5 million euros as the total budget. Cedes of Germany, Angel Mir of Catalonia, Fegemu of Basque Country and Complex of Poland are the four companies and the Giordano Institute of Italy, Tecnalia of Basque Country are the two R+D centres responsible for this project.


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