P+G’s New Employee Resource Center Building Wins LEED Silver Certification

Procter & Gamble declared that LEED Silver certification has been presented to the new Employee Resource Center recently inaugurated at its Family Care Box Elder building.

On February 25, 2011, P&G declared its aspiration to acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in all its latest sites. With increasing progress in most of the new Box Elder building, the site started a new employee service building construction last spring, including efforts to obtain LEED certification. The certification has promised precision in the construction process and design, like directing waste management programs for the construction materials to be recycled or reused, providing interior air quality control and extensive natural lighting, thereby improving the building’s environmental quality.

The new P&G sites that are currently in construction or design process, anticipates achieving LEED certification. P&G’s environmental sustainability program is intended in minimizing the environmental footprint of its products and services by this effort. This supports P&G’s environmental vision, revealed in September 2010, which is based on activating the buildings with renewable energy, thereby eliminating the manufacturing waste accumulating the landfill.

The significant environmental performance of the Box Elder site has been achieved in the areas of water, where less water is utilized for cleaning process by reusing and recycling water internally; waste, a program has been implemented by the site to reduce solid waste and increase reuse externally; energy, wherein advanced facility features such as warehousing space and day-lighted production which characterizes Box Elder among Family Care based on its energy efficiency.

Source: http://www.pg.com/

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