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New Polished Concrete Flooring System from Duraamen Engineered Products

Duraamen’s Terrazzi Concrete Refinishing System is a concrete resurfacing system developed by altering cost-effective polymers. It gives a remarkable, polished concrete finish on walls and floors.

Polished concrete flooring in a retail show room

The central system consists of a concrete resurfacing formulated compound called Arapido that can be dispersed on gypcrete, concrete, etc. Cast-On includes fine aggregates, crushed marble and recycled glass which infuses the system to give a hard, durable concrete coating on drying, thereby preventing abrasion and corrosion.

The Terrazzi System is more convenient compared to conventional concrete refinishing methods and offers significant advantages including simplified spraying of Arapido over 20,000 ft of concrete surface per day with minimum workers, internal and external application in system with zero VOC materials without requiring ventilation.

Damaged buildings require Param 4500 self-leveling concrete underlayment before being sprayed with Arapido to rectify the flaws and the resulting surface has greater bond strength, freeze-thaw stability, and superior abrasion resistance.

The Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing System is ideal for refinishing stamped concrete and resurfacing pool decks without damaging its stamped texture. Arapido can also be sprayed over Gypcrete, allowing dyeing and staining. This system can be employed over a self-leveling concrete surface to achieve a polished concrete floor. Impaired concrete driveways, patios and walkways can be renewed into a fresh and attractive appearance. Horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces also benefits from this system, which includes vertical surface resurfacing for ceilings. The Arapido sprayer provides seamless, smooth finish without requiring air pockets. In addition, Magic trowels are employed to provide subtle color movement, to give a fresco finish.


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