Solutia Announces 2013 Vanceva Color Forecast for Architectural Laminated Glass

Solutia, a supplier of specialty chemicals and performance materials, declared its 2013 Vanceva color forecast for architectural laminated glass. By blending two or more layers from the Vanceva Color System by Saflex line of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, 10 unique colors are formulated for laminated glass.

Architects and Designers are intended in developing innovative color design procedures for every glazing application. Airports, urban facades, and living rooms can be designed using this application.

Vanceva Color System by Saflex facilitates designers and architects, providing access to glass by generating a broad spectrum of colors and moods, which the stock selections of glass fail to offer. Vanceva color interlayers can be merged to formulate over 3,000 translucent, transparent, or opaque color options for a suitable tone and intensity. The designs are further improved by combining tinted or reflective glass with Vanceva color interlayers.

2013 Vanceva Color Forecast for Architectural Laminated Glass includes ‘Tumeric’ for depth and shade to interior schemes, ‘Pretty in Pink’ for a cheerful and warm glow to interior spaces, ‘Sun Kissed Coral’ to underline healthcare and related environments, ‘Chic Raspberry’ related to fashion and cosmetics giving a lively appearance to interior spaces, ‘Midnight Blue’ with the addition of grey supplementing the glass with the elegance of navy, ‘Beloved Burgandy’ for highlighting the entryways and vestibules, ‘Emerald Green’ to give a fresh, intense classic green appearance to the facades and curtain walls for seaside, mountain and locations, ‘Elegant Indigo’ for wall cladding, flooring and stair applications. ‘Ocean Grey’ is a blue based grey that can be used solely or self-integrated to create a more intense, cooling effect. ‘Seastruck’ is a rich turquoise blue, saturated and unpolluted, and applied to underline the exteriors.


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