Construction of Waste-to-Energy Facilities Initiated by Primoris Services

Primoris Services declared that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Primoris Renewables, according to the recent cooperative agreement with Synergy Renewables, will be involved in building two new waste-to-energy facilities.

The project’s construction phase will be initiated in 2012 with forecast of Q4 2013. With the initiation of this project, around $40M revenues will be acquired by Primoris.

Located in Dallas, Texas, Synergy Renewables accentuates design, development and construction of multiple waste-to-energy projects globally. It associates with Primoris Renewables and Dynamis Energy, an Idaho-based proprietary technology and development partner. Sunbeam Synergy facilitated the execution of the two new contracts under the cooperative agreement to create two waste-to-energy facilities in Puerto Rico. In order to generate 10 MWs of clean renewable energy per location, each of the two facilities will carry out an independent traditional process to eliminate around 180,000 t of municipal solid waste per year.

The objective of Primoris Renewables is to utilize the global prospects that will promote the development, financial support and effective operation of several renewable energy projects.

Primoris was established in 1946, and has made several advancements to serve as the country’s well-established and expertise contractors and Infrastructure Company. Primoris serves multiple customers and offers extensive applications like fabrication, construction, replacement, water and wastewater, maintenance and engineering services. The diverse disciplines benefited by the company include petrochemical companies, energy companies, municipalities, and major public utilities. Primoris has increased its expansion since December 2009, and the Company’s national footprint currently extends all the way from Florida, down the Gulf Coast, passing through California, reaching the Pacific Northwest and Canada.


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