Scranton Products Facilitates Dallas School System Renovations

Scranton Products offers its unique materials for the development of new HDPE Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions for the Dallas School District. This effort will minimize external damage, scratches, dents, and vandalism and effects due to bacteria and other microbes. In May 2008, a $1.35 B worth bond program was designed to redesign the school district.

The Dallas School Districts fights wear and tear and bacteria with new Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions from Scranton Products

The objective of this new project is to provide excellent educational facility for the students of the Dallas community. The project involves the phased launch of 14 new elementary, middle and high schools across the city. Other efforts in this project encompass the William Hardin Adamson High School replacement project, and the new George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary School.

In order to accommodate the large number of community students, the 94,000 sq. ft facility was designed as an upgrade to the existing school system. Currently, the Bush Elementary School offers education for almost 825 students, from Pre-K to 5th grade. The facility includes 35 classrooms, computer labs, gymnasium, and a media center. In addition, the facility is featured with the aesthetic Discovery Wall that combines a collection of images representing diverse topics merged into a collage.

The Scranton Products offers versatile products, known for its appearance and quality. It offers new HDPE Hiny Hiders bathroom partitions for the Dallas school district. The bathroom renovations were featured with significant criteria with multi-purpose services. The benefits include the resistance to delaminate or rust. It also enables the elimination of graffiti, dents, corrosion, scratches, moisture and mildew. These fixtures are totally power-washable and are provided with three optional installation configurations such as ceiling-hung, floor mounted, floor-to-ceiling or overhead-braced.


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