MMFX Microcomposite Steel Rebar

Corrosion of steel is one of the major problems facing the construction industry today. The inherent weakness this causes in highways, bridges and buildings can lead to personal injury and deaths.

MMFX 2 rebar, from the MMFX Steel Corp., was developed to be highly corrosion resistant and equal, or in many cases, far superior to existing conventional carbon steel in its properties of strength, energy absorption, toughness, brittleness, ductility, and formability. MMFX steels are also economical to produce and install.

MMFX Steel’s proprietary chemical composition and production process control the steel’s microstructure. Without the creation of continuous paths of carbides, microgalvanic cell formation is minimized during MMFX’s production resulting in its significantly superior material properties.

Source: Emerging Construction Technologies

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