TRA-Mage Offers Adjustable Solar Tile Mounts

TRA-Mage, a company specializing in roofs, has launched a novel technique to attach solar panels with the tile roofs, the Solar Tile Mount.

Solar Tile Mounts

This tile mount has been modeled to attach solar panels with the roof deck without disturbing the tiles. The tile mount has exclusive adjustable features including height adjustments and placement. Through the height adjustments including elevated batten, horizontal batten and direct mount, the solar panels are installed easily on tile roofs.

Normally, the solar panels are fixed to structural members like purlins, trusses, rafters and others, where, the tile pan do not properly sit on the exact location. These tile mounts can be adjusted up to 6 in right or left, which makes even the large pans such as S-tile to fix properly.

Usually, the installer drills a hole on the tile to fix the solar panels. This might damage the tiles, produce cement dust causing breathing risk and install flashing both on the bottom and top of the roof. With tile mounts, these risks are avoided, since no hole is made. In addition, the installation time for every add-on is reduced by 30 min and cost for installing flashing is saved. Furthermore, the tile mount has been tested to survive wind uplift.

The company is situated at American Fork in Utah. It provides Solar Racking Systems, Roof Flashing Solutions and Roof Snow Retention Devices to customers including house owners to builders.


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