LEED Gold Certification for Dr Pepper Snapple Group Headquarters

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded the LEED Gold certification to the Plano headquarters of Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS). The Plano building has been identified as a “multi-use facility” since it comprises a research and development center and a data center besides the offices, and earned the LEED certification under the Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance classification.

In recognition of the consistent efforts put in to save a significant quantity of energy by prudent use from 2008 to 2011, the building received an EPA Energy Star rating in 2011.

The VP of sustainability for DPS, Tim Gratto affirmed that the bases on which LEED corroboration is awarded, such as minimal energy use, lesser fuel consumption, recycling and waste minimization among others, are also the long-term aims of DPS. The Plano headquarters was able to acquire LEED Gold corroboration because the work was retro-commissioned. Following sustainable building routines helped to lessen operating expenses by 25%, thus enabling the company to repay the loans procured for putting the green initiatives in place.

Practices that got LEED authentication for DPS include competent water use that aided in saving water to a large extent; energy saving by using LED lamps and discreet use of lighting fixtures; sustainable landscaping by planting long-life trees that would also prevent land corrosion and appropriate pest control; reducing emissions from the equipment by changing them with the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool or EPEAT; and improved environmental quality in the interiors with appropriate green cleaning procedures using green cleaning products and also correct waste disposal methods.

DPS is continuing its endeavour to discover newer and more efficient sustainable “green” methods.

Source: http://www.DrPepperSnapple.com

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