Low-Cost Heliostat for LEED Building Projects

LightManufacturing announced that it has commenced shipping its H1 heliostats for LEED building applications. The first shipment was for an architectural lighting project in Michigan.


The LightManufacturing H1 heliostat provides more than 230,000 lm of light energy which is equivalent to over 2000 W of heat, to a specified target. It can be combined as arrays to deliver more power. The heliostat is touted to be the most powerful heliostat presently available. LightManufacturing claims that the heliostat also provides the lowest cost per lumen.

The H1 heliostats were roof mounted and the light was focused on a collector that channeled the light through a fiber optic cable to the offices in the building. They supported zero emission lighting and heating.

The company has used highly tough and thin metalized plastic for the mirror, which has been stretched over an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. It has not used glass which is fragile. The resultant mirror is lightweight, shatterproof and safe. It has the ability to reflect more energy when compared to glass mirrors.

The H1 heliostat has a wireless control system that allows it to be configured and targeted through computer programs in building control systems. The heliostat array can be targeted onto HVACs or windows according to specific requirement. When targeted onto windows, it will provide day-lighting of dark rooms. It can also be used for piping light for greenhouse warming, ice melting, distributed heating, steam generation and lighting for interior rooms.

The low-cost heliostat can be used for reducing energy cost in residences and can be employed for green building projects and LEED projects.

Source: http://www.lightmanufacturingsystems.com/

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