Eco Building Products Gains Support from the Emergency Services Community

Eco Building Products, Inc., announced today the Company's efforts and success in gaining support from the Emergency Services community. Amidst the rebuilding efforts in the East from Hurricane Sandy, and in the Colorado Rockies devastated by wildfire, Eco is rallying from Coast to Coast.

The Company is now working with the Oceanside Fire Department, and their Battalion Chief of Training, Joe Ward ; and with FDNY's Mr. Steve Cassidy , President of the Uniformed Fireman's Association of Greater New York; for the purpose of promoting safer, healthier and stronger methods for the rebuilding of homes and buildings.

On Friday, Dec. 14th, 2012, Steve Cassidy and Battalion Chief Joe Ward both witnessed firsthand, via demonstration and testing of Eco's Red Shield protection, and the line of Fire Break products, that what the Company has claimed regarding its technology to be factual, but more importantly, its presence and widespread use would make a real difference and have a resounding impact in protecting their Firefighters, First Responders, and the civilians living in the homes.

"I'm so excited to have Professional Firefighters, their Leadership, and Representatives of the like; those bravely serving our communities, standing ready to answer the call - now agreeing with us that we can all no longer sit idly by, allowing contractors to rebuild with raw lumber. These Professionals, like Eco, understand that unless we educate the consumers living in these homes how to ask the right questions of the architects, engineers, and contractors; there will be no change," says Steve Conboy President /CEO of Eco Building Products, Inc. "People need to be informed, and Eco is holding its first Town Hall Meeting this Tuesday at Chris Michael's Steakhouse (NJ) to begin the much anticipated educational process."

Eco's plan entails a comprehensive educational process geared toward consumer education. In turn, Eco would like to link consumers with Builders recognized for their willingness and fortitude of embracing new building technology, and the latest applications geared toward building/rebuilding safer, smarter and stronger. The Company has tailored a digital platform to accommodate this venture, and it can be viewed at With consumer safety being everyone's first thought, Eco's taking this new technology and is now working to embrace First Responders and Emergency Services personnel and their safety. The firefighters that put their own lives at risk when they climb up on roofs performing necessary vertical ventilation, and other measures to save your home and/or building; working alongside these professionals could be the way to finally make a difference in the Building Code.

At Eco we believe that I-joist and light gauge construction, such as roof trusses, were revolutionary; they serve their purpose and have provided building material solutions that have enabled global housing markets to keep up with modern housing demands. We also believe in the reforestation plan, and studies show that is working, allowing America and the world to build with lumber grown in one third the time. Despite past and modern solutions achieved, these revolutionary solutions created an entirely new hazard. Read more about these hazards, and the need for protected lumber by visiting .

"At Eco, we know it's not going to be the big lumber producers, production builders or even the Building Departments that are going to make the next change in the building industry; it will come from those young homebuyers and the professionals that take the risk when fighting fires," says Steve Conboy President and CEO of Eco Building Products, Inc.

Please visit the following link to preview a video featuring Mr. Steve J. Cassidy , President of the Uniformed Fireman's Association of Greater New York


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