Masonry Construction Magazine Honors Manganaro Midatlantic with Project of the Year Award

As one of the leading subcontractors for the mid-Atlantic region that specializes in masonry, drywall, and acoustic construction, Manganaro Midatlantic is being awarded one of Masonry Construction Magazine's coveted Project of the Year Awards for their completed work on the restoration of the Dominion Towers housing complex in Arlington, VA. Prestige for Masonry Construction's Project of the Year awards has grown within the industry year after year, and the 2012 competition saw a total of 57 project submissions, with online voting at its highest level yet.

The awards are designed to exemplify masonry contractors' contributions as a whole to construction projects, creating a finished product that demonstrates the best that masonry has to offer. Manganaro won the category for Repair and Rehabilitation and showed exceptional expertise in bringing the 1950s era facade of the Dominion Towers up to date, while taking into consideration that the Towers were at 98% occupancy during the length of the restoration.

Manganaro Midatlantic met some unexpected challenges with ease, which included installing a previously non-existent flashing system below the brick bands they were replacing. Years of deterioration and water damage had caused the facade to sag, and the new flashing system will help drastically improve future drainage and stability. Manganaro removed a total of 5 courses of 16-inch high bands of bricks to reveal the 8-inch floor slabs behind, where relieving angles were installed at each level to further increase the facade's weight distribution. Each of the five rows that had an original composition of red bricks were replaced with contrasting white bricks to give the building's exterior a new architectural presentation. To account for the Dominion Towers' occupants, Manganaro divided the X-shaped building into four V-shaped quadrants, while repairing one quadrant at a time to minimize disruption. Manganaro employed their unique One Voice , One Team Management System that allowed a single highly trained project manager to effectively coordinate the diverse group of skilled workers that they utilized on the project, and encouraged increased cooperation with the building's management company.

Manganaro Midatlantic is honored to receive this recognition for the continued excellence they deliver in each and every project that they undertake.


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