ECOR Global Creates Sustainable Set for Comedy Series

ECOR® Global 866-417-5518, a subsidiary of Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation has created the first 100% sustainable set for 20th Century Fox's critically acclaimed comedy series "Raising Hope." 45 of the company's patented ECOR® panels were used to create a modern hotel suite for a two-part episode of the comedy.

20th Century Fox's "Raising Hope" set made with ECOR(R). (PRNewsFoto/Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation)

All of the panel sections, walls and ceiling soffits were custom built in San Diego based on designs provided by the show and delivered to Los Angeles. ECOR® is a recycled, lightweight panel product that is strong and as little as ¼ the weight of conventional wood product panels. It is 100% USDA Certified bio-based and made with 100% cellulose fibers including post consumer paper, forest wood and agricultural raw material sources. ECOR® contains no toxic additives or adhesives.

Commented "Raising Hope" Art Director John Zachary , who hopes this leads to more environmentally friendly set construction. "The ongoing use of tropical hardwoods in set construction is an environmental tragedy and this experiment provided a cost efficient alternative to unsustainable forest products."

The set was delivered to 20th Century Fox within one week of receiving Zachary's vision and drawings. "Our entire team was thrilled to be a part of this innovative and collaborative undertaking," said Jim Torti , Ph.D., NET President and COO. "This is just the beginning of what ECOR® can do for the entertainment industry using our patented sustainable products," said Robert Noble , NET Founder and CEO.

Additionally, ECOR® produced doors, a headboard, and additional flat panels veneered with bamboo. Zachary and 20th were committed to integrating environmentally friendly paint, wallpaper, glue and carpet to complete the sustainable set. NET is now moving forward with revisions to the panel design that will further align with construction methods.


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