Comfort Walk in Tubs Direct Introduces A1A ULTIMATE Walk in Tub

Comfort Walk in Tubs Direct is proud to announce the addition of the A1A ULTIMATE Walk in Tub to their product line. Through the company's tireless dedication to its customers, Comfort Walk in Tubs Direct,, has created a walk in bathtub, containing most of the features that the public has complained are not part of the tubs they purchased.

The company's new tub has all the popular features of previously offered tubs, along with many new enhancements which give their customers everything they want in one tub. The A1A ULTIMATE features include

  • the fastest tub fill time on the market combined with the fastest drain time. In ideal conditions, the tub can fill in as little as 4 ½ minutes, and drain in 80 – 90 seconds
  • the lowering of the height of the step to enter or exit the tub, minimizing the chance of falls and other injuries.
  • a leg massage only option which allows for therapeutic massages on just your legs.
  • a powerful in line heater that allows the water in the tub to remain at the ideal temperature rather than to continually have to add hot water to the bath.
  • an automatic purge system and ozone sterilizer to remove all moisture from the jet lines as well as to sterilize them.

The A1A ULTIMATE also comes with more air and water jets, a total of 20 air jets and 10 water jets, maximizing the bather's bathing and massage experience. One of the many enhancements is that customers can make special requests as to the placement of the jets, making each tub customizable to the bathers' unique needs.

Mel Newman , Senior Sales Director of Comfort Walk in Tubs emphasized that, "The A1A ULTIMATE Walk in Tub has everything a walk in tub user wants. We believe in our products, and to maintain the superior value and customer service we strive for, we are constantly looking for ways we can improve our products. This new tub has been designed to address most of the walk in tubs complaints we have heard over the years, giving our customers exactly what they want and need."

"Walk in Tubs are designed for a distinct market - the senior and disabled markets," Newman added. "We at Comfort Walk in Tub Direct are focused on the safety and comfort of our clients. We listen to their needs and find the best walk in tub for their situation. We are confident that the A1A ULTIMATE will be a cost-effective solution to many of our clients' differing needs."


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