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Woodstream Expands Line of Electric Horse Fencing Products

Woodstream Corporation, a global manufacturer of animal control products and electronic containment systems that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed wire fencing, now offers a new assortment of ElectroBraid products including 1,000' braid reels, copper-coated splicers, energizers, ground rod kits and digital testers.

Expanded Line of ElectroBraid Products from Woodstream Designed for Safe and Secure Fencing. (PRNewsFoto/Woodstream Corporation)

The expansion of its product line solidifies Woodstream's position as the leading supplier in electric horse fencing.

The new 1,000' braid reels, used for permanent perimeter fencing, features copper conductors that are four times more conductive than steel. The reels, available in speckled, white or black, feature a patented double helix design that is strong, UV-resistant and holds tension better than anything else on the market.

Constructed of rust-free stainless steel, ElectroBraid's new copper-coated splicer holds more tension than two copper split bolts. This new polyrope splicer is built to last.

Two new energizers are available in both 2 and 4 joule outputs with maximum ratings of 50 miles and 75 miles, respectively. These unique USA-made energizers feature non-corroding brass terminals. Each energizer comes with a three-year warranty when registered online.

ElectroBraid's new Sectional Copper Ground Rod Kit provides superior grounding for electric fencing systems. Copper is viewed as the best grounding material in the industry, due to its highly-efficient conductivity properties. The new kit is easy to install and transport and includes four grounding rods, a copper-coated ground clamp to prevent galvanic corrosion, an anvil and hardened steel tip to break through rocks during installation.

The new digital electric fence tester from ElectroBraid reads up to 19.9 kV, 10 kV more than the previous tester offered, which only read up to 9.9 kV. New back lit technology designed into the tester allows the operator to view the read out when outside in the sun.

Andrea Itnyre, Category Development Associate at Woodstream, said, "Our new assortment of ElectroBraid products can be easily installed and are designed to provide safe and secure fencing for horses. And to make it easier for our customers to identify a quality ElectroBraid product when selecting fencing products, we gave the whole packaging line a fresh new look."

By logging onto, Woodstream is offering a free ElectroBraid sample pack with information DVD, braid samples, brochure and planning guide.

For more information contact Andrea Itnyre at [email protected] or 717-626-2125, ext. 464.

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