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D+H Mechatronic’s Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Solutions Become Popular in the USA

The innovative family company, D+H Mechatronic AG from Ammersbek near Hamburg, is also becoming a household name in the USA as an international trendsetter for environmentally friendly construction and living.

We have been developing particularly cost-efficient and long-term energy-efficient system solutions for smoke extraction and natural ventilation since 1968. Today, D+H, along with 130 Service and Sales Partners, is among the market leaders in its industry in more than 50 countries across the world.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation: combining safety with comfort

For natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, SHEV for short, smoke exhaust openings in the facade or roof are opened using electromotive drives if there is a fire. These openings expel rising heat, smoke and combustion gases to the outside. They are trig-gered by automatic and manual detectors as well as external alarm transmitters. One deciding factor for electromotive smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, such as those offered by D+H, is that they can also be used for everyday natural ventilation when supplemented by cost-saving ventilation components. They are controlled by manual vent switches and remote controls, temperature sensors and weather detectors. Of course, the SHEV functions are placed over the ventilation functions. The double-benefit of safety and comfort in turn presents a cost-efficient overall solution.

Energy-efficient room climate control on the rise

Modern design is placing increasing requirements on energy-efficient planning. This is how large surface facade glazings lead to an increase in thermal loads, which need to be balanced in an energy-efficient manner. As an alternative to conventional concepts of climate control, the natural, controlled ventilation offered by D+H is becoming more and more important. It ensures a targeted air exchange through clever control of facade windows, flaps and their integration into building automation. Along with the potential to save energy, natural room climate control offers other compelling advantages: promoting wellness in the workplace through comfortable climate, simple handling and minimal investment costs (and later operating costs).

System-wide planning for innovative climate concepts

Along with a wide spectrum of products for drive and control technology for windows and facade elements, D+H also offers implementation of customized applications based on a particular property. Implementing energy and ventilation concepts in a technological solution as well as their integration in existing building management systems is an important skill for this process. The D+H planning team contributes specialized expertise in the fields of facade construction, window technology and building management to collaboration with specialist consultants when creating a building concept. This expertise has been acquired from over 100,000 implementations in construction projects.

International, comprehensive service and sales partner network

D+H Mechatronic AG embodies more than 40 years of experience and is headquartered in Ammersbek near Hamburg. It is among the leading providers of innovative ventilation and smoke extraction systems. Over 400 employees are employed by D+H in the fields of development, production and sales. An international and comprehensive network of service and sales partners offer first-hand consultation, design, assembly and maintenance. In Germany, D+H collaborates with more than 30 sales partners, and 100 worldwide. For proper assembly, over 130 D+H partners are available worldwide, whose qualifications are guaranteed by routine D+H training as well as inspections by neutral institutions. In-house development and construction creates continuous innovation and sets performance benchmarks.

Technology made in Germany for the US market

Along with current innovations, a complete overview of the product and performance spectrum from the German system provider for SHEV and natural ventilation is at the center of this year's Greenbuild showing. D+H Mechatronic AG is seeking new partners for sales, consultation and service due to the increasing demand for groundbreaking "made in Germany" technology in the United States. There may be a great interest in collaboration since energy-efficient construction and renovation is also a sustainability issue for dedicated designers and processors in the USA.

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