Proper, Cost-Effective Air Filtration Can Dramatically Increase Quality of Indoor Air

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, may not be the most talked about characteristic of an office building, but it is among the most important. When IAQ falls below optimal levels, harmful particles in the air can trigger worrisome -- even perilous -- heath conditions, putting workers at risk and impacting their comfort and productivity, as well. Yet by taking some basic steps, building designers and managers can help boost IAQ -- and in an effective, cost efficient way.

To focus on important but often poorly understood IAQ issues in office buildings, Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine spoke with several engineers and experts. The publication asked them to talk about the key indoor air quality issues they typically encountered -- and how they can be addressed.

  • For Robert Ioanna, a vice president at Syska Hennessy Group in New York, one of the most common IAQ problems pertains to the initial cleaning and quality of air post-construction. "The odors [and] contaminants tend to linger for a long time unless specifically addressed prior to construction competition," he told the magazine. "In order to address this, we specify requirements for air changes and filter changes prior to occupying the space."
  • J. Patrick Banse, a senior mechanical engineer with Smith Seckman Reid in Houston also emphasized proper air filtration, and the importance of minimizing the infiltration of untreated outside air, saying they were two of the top IAQ-related issues for both new construction and existing buildings.

Maintaining optimal IAQ is where companies like Camfil -- the world's leading provider of clean air solutions -- comes in. Camfil's low-energy air filters leverage cutting-edge designs to do a better yet more cost effective job removing harmful particles than traditional air filters, which tend to degrade quickly after initial use. By maintaining their efficiency throughout their service life, Camfil filters require less energy to push air through, saving money while improving performance. A typical Camfil customer can reduce its HVAC energy costs by 20 percent, its installation costs by 50 percent, and its disposal costs by 70 percent.

For Camfil, boosting performance while reducing energy consumption and costs has long been the company's top priority -- and one supported by six global research centers. Using Camfil's sustainable solutions, building developers and managers can ensure a healthful, comfortable environment for those who occupy their buildings -- while ensuring a healthy bottom line.

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