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Unique Paving Materials Pushes Boundaries of Road Preservation Efforts with Ravelcheck Product

Unique Paving Materials, a Cleveland-based company specializing in concrete products and asphalt additives, is pushing the boundaries of current road preservation efforts with its Ravelcheck product.

The harsh activities of winter, such as frequent salting, numerous freeze-thaw cycles and regular snow plowing, left a toll on asphalt roads. As crews work to repair potholes and road damage, Ravelcheck can be used as a pavement preservation strategy to slow future pavement deterioration, extend the life of the asphalt, save tax dollars and prevent unnecessary repair in the future.

"Ravelcheck is unique because it uses penetrating oils and high temperature asphalt resins to preserve and restore pavements," said Michael Pemberton, president of Unique Paving Materials. "Now is the perfect time to get the most out of pavement preservation applications and make the roads last as long as possible."

One gallon of Ravelcheck will cover approximately 90 to 100 square feet (or 10 to 11 square yards); however coverage rate varies due to age, surface condition and porosity. Final cure time, prior to opening to traffic should be three to eight hours, dependent on pavement condition, temperature and humidity.

About Unique Paving Materials

Founded in 1959, Unique Paving Materials specializes in asphalt and concrete repair and pavement preservation products. The Cleveland-based company's industry-leading lab is constantly researching, testing and developing new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the pavement preservation and repair market. The company is dedicated to producing quality products with guaranteed performance. For more information and to learn more about Unique Paving Material's Ravelcheck, visit


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